Friday, July 22, 2011

Starting fresh

I'm totally new to the blog space (though I hear it's all the rage!). This will probably be organic as I decide what might be good for posting on here. Some general things I would post about would be programming, new and interesting tech, science, and maybe a smattering of general life stuff.

As of this writing, I'm a graduate student (hopefully) near completing a Master's degree in computer science. My work the last few years has centred mostly on graphics and parallel programming. I've just returned from an amazing trip to Ireland to many of my cousins, aunts, uncles and significant others as well as that incredible Irish countryside. Perhaps that will be something I make a post about, not only to share it but to make sure I really remember it all.

I'll likely try to do some posts, as well, about what my master's thesis has been all about. Within the confines of the thesis and the faculty I usually have to use very specific "sciencey" terms. But when it comes to trying to explain just WHAT DO I DO to the rest of my family, I tend to get blank, perhaps dumbfounded, stares. So, in the future I'll hopefully take the time to write about what I've been doing in a way that makes sense to the layman.

Onward and upward! Now back to thesis writing...

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